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Evangeline Lily‘s character definitely is the favored super-hero here. 

‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ looks like it’s going to be action-packed. Much of the plot is still a mystery, but from what we see, Michael Douglas and Lily have been on the run as a father-daughter duo, and it’s partially due to Ant-Man.

Dr. Hank Pym (Douglas) of course, favors his daughter as the more trained of the two, so when Paul Rudd‘s character Scott realizes she’s got wings, he asks Pym if he had that tech available for him when he created his suit. Pym says “You know I did,” implying that he doesn’t trust Scott enough to handle it.

Pretty hilarious to say the least. There will be a ton more tech, and more to work for in this new film, but we can’t wait to find out more.

Watch the trailer here:


Amy Cooper is one with the force and the force is with her.