D Bag of the Day: A Man Robs a 7-Eleven...Then Has to Break Into His Own Car Because He Locked the Keys Inside

You think you feel stupid when you lock your keys in the car?

(Photo by Dallas Police Department via Getty Images)

A guy busted into a 7-Eleven in San Diego around 4:30 A.M. on Friday with a shotgun and demanded the cash in the register.  The clerk gave it to him, and the guy left.

But when he got to the parking lot, he realized he'd locked his keys in the car.  So he had to break into his OWN CAR to escape . . . and he did it by smashing through his window.  Then he drove off.

The cops are trying to track him down . . . they say they're looking for a gray four-door car with the driver's window broken.

And they're also pretty sure he robbed an adult store the day before and stole a bunch of porno magazines.  Sounds like this guy really has his life together.

(Times of San Diego)