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A medical clinic in Gabon, Africa refused to allow a newborn to go home for five months because her mother couldn’t pay the bill.

The baby was essentially “held as collateral,” said one report.

The private clinic finally released “Baby Angel” after a public campaign raised the $3,630 owed—with one of those who chipped in being President Ali Bongo.

Authorities arrested the clinic director on kidnapping charges, but they were later dropped.

The Mother, Sonia Okome, says

“I’m happy to have my baby back, but I’m sorry that I can’t breastfeed her because after five months all my milk has gone,”.

It isn’t clear how much, if at all, she was able to visit her child, who was born prematurely and needed to be on an incubator for over a month. Prosecutors are looking into the credentials of the doctor and facility.