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(Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Little Kids Rock)

Pharrell is giving athletes a voice by using fashion to speak for them.

The 44-year-old producer teamed up with ADIDAS to create cleats with the words “Liberty” and “Justice” written boldly across the top so that it could be seen while the players are on the field.

“These guys are risking everything: Mind, body, and soul,” Williams told Uproxx. “And they have to endure this verbal environment while doing this. My idea was very simple, it’s liberty and justice for all? Then that’s what needs to be on their feet every step that they take.”

Pharrell also spoke on the older generations saying that he wishes them much “enlightenment, But if not, get out the way. Because the kids are here and they have things to say, they have feelings, and they’re not going to hold back.”

Do you believe that the older generation is holding back sports progression?

Nate Bender is a producer for 105.1 The Bounce and posts cool things to websites.