DETROIT, MI - MAY 31: The Detroit Institute of Arts sign is shown May 31, 2013 in Detroit, Michigan. The City of Detroit's new Emergency Financial Manager is considering selling off some the DIA's art to help pay off some of the city's debts. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

Local battle rappers Marv Won and Quest MCODY discuss the famous painting “Officer of the Hussars” by Kehinde Wiley.

Detroit Institute of Arts

Detroit battle rappers Marv Won and Quest MCODY discuss Kehinde Wiley's "Officer of the Hussars." #DCyphered #KehindeWiley #MarvWon #QuestMCODY #DetroitHipHop Video by Atlas Industries

If you’ve been to the Detroit Institute of Arts – you’ve probably spent some time looking at Brooklyn portrait artist, and Kehinde Wiley’s “Officer of the Hussars”.

Detroit battle rappers Marv Won and Quest MCODY spent some time hanging out at the DIA analyzing the incredible painting and fortunately camera’s were there to capture their conversation.

If you haven’t been to see “Officer of the Hussars” or any of the other incredible art in the DIA collection take a moment and visit their website and make time to take a trip.