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Judge gonna give it to ya, he gonna give it to ya. Knock knock, open it, it’s my appeal! 

Of course, we know that lawyer Murry Richman has some strange requests when it comes to being DMX‘s lawyer, but this might be the strangest of all of them.

According to NME, Richman requested that his client’s music be played in the courtroom to encourage the judge to show him some leniency during his sentencing. But before you get too carried away coming up with court appropriate lyrics for DMX’s catalog, it’s only specific songs.

Calling the songs “compositions,” he requested that “Slippin'” and “Convo” may help the judge to “understand [DMX] genuinely in his voice.”

I can honestly see the the reason, looking at some of the lyrics for “Slippin'”

“I’ve been through mad different phases like mazes, to find my way
And now I know that happy days are not far away
If I’m strong enough I’ll live long enough to see my kids
Doing something more constructive with their time than bids.”

No word if the judge has granted this request yet, but it would definitely make going to court a lot more interesting…


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