D Bag Of The Day: During the Oklahoma Walkouts, One Teacher Had Sex With Her Student - The Gello Show

Last week, thousands of teachers in Oklahoma started a walkout to protest their absurdly low pay and the lack of funding for their schools.  It's a hell of a cause, and one that's drawing support from all over the world.


But there's one teacher who tried her hardest to give the ENTIRE thing a bad name.


35-year-old Keri Hoffman is a teacher in Clinton, Oklahoma.  And apparently she used the walkout as a chance to have SEX with a 15-year-old male student.


She picked the kid up to take him to a rally at the state capitol building last week, but she had sex with him beforehand . . . and then again when she dropped him off.


She and her husband went to the police on Saturday, where she admitted what she did.


Now she's in jail and facing several charges, including two counts of second-degree rape.  She's looking at a maximum sentence of over 50 years in prison.


(ABC 7 - Lawton