It seems that the whole Kardashian clan is livid at Tristan Thompson, including Kanye and Rob. A source told that Kim is pissed and Kanye has threatened to “kick his a__”

Khloe’s brother, Rob called Tristan and told him that “if he cheats again he will be sorry”. Rob avoided going to Cleveland in fear that he couldn’t help himself from putting his hands on Thompson.

Tristan was in the delivery room with Khloe as she gave birth to the couple’s baby girl and according to the source, Khloe believes his innocent. Meanwhile, Mama Jenner has banned Tristan from the reality show and from all family events.

According to, the family thinks that Khloe will change her mind about Tristan once they show Khloe the evidence.

Who do you think would win in a fight, Tristan or Kanye?