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As you know, it’s illegal to Drive While Black, Walk While Black, and Wait For a Friend While Black.  Now it’s also illegal, apparently, to Knock on a Stranger’s Door For Help While Black.

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D Bag Of The Day: Rochester Hills teen almost gets shot asking for directions The Gello Show

There’s a 14-year-old kid named Brennan Walker in Rochester Hills, Michigan, and on Thursday morning, he missed his bus to school.  His mom had taken his phone away, and he was lost, so he went up to a random house and knocked on the door for help.

Brennan is black, and the woman who answered the door was white.  And she started yelling, “Why are you trying to break into my house?”  Because, obviously, the way to break into someone’s house is by knocking on the door.

He tried to explain he was a student at Rochester High School and he just needed directions, but she kept yelling . . . and then her husband, Jeffrey Zeigler, walked down the stairs and SHOT AT HIM.

Fortunately, he missed . . . and they had one of those Ring doorbells which recorded EVERYTHING.  On Friday, Jeffrey was arrested for assault with intent to murder and felony use of a firearm.

(Fox News)

(And thanks to rock solid, irrefutable video evidence, I’d say that means there’s about a 5% chance he’ll get convicted.  But hey, it’s higher than the usual 0.01%.)