On Monday morning, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office asked the court to throw out the original 2008 conviction of Meek Mill. Judge Genece Brinkley said no.

The D.A. asked the judge to toss the case because the prosecution knew that Meek’s arresting officer, Reginald Graham, was a “dirty cop.” The prosecution chose to sit on the information back then.

If Meek’s case is tossed, that would also clear him of the probation violation that has him in jail for 2 to 4 years.

People gathered in front of the courthouse when they heard of the request in expectation of Meek’s release. Judge Brinkley’s refusal to deal with it now has led to a June hearing. #FreeMeekMill lives until at least then.

Do you think the judge is the major stumbling block to getting Meek out of jail?