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Drake Announces Anticipated Album Title And Release Date

Drake's new album is coming, says his Instagram account.

???? JUNE 2018

1.3m Likes, 39.4k Comments - @champagnepapi on Instagram: "???? JUNE 2018"


The album title is 'Scorpion' which is an interesting title, one in which I thought would elicit some really bad Mummy memes, but the internet did get it's kicks, mostly pinpointing the fact that it's the same name as Eve's 2001 album.

Dart_Adams on Twitter

Why did Drake give his 2018 album the same title as Eve's 2001 album? WHOOOOOOO'S THAAAAT GUUUUUY? LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!

????Game on Twitter

Drake change the name of that scorpion lmaooo that's a bad name

tank for zion on Twitter

scorpion is a dumb name for an album. but i just realized all Drake album names are pretty bad lol


melancholy moses on Twitter

New Drake album in June... Me awaiting the mediocrity of this album and the chance to slander it...


While the haters roll around on their keyboards, we'll see who's laughing. Considering everything Drake has put out in the past few years has kept king on the charts, we're thinking people are just salty... (Even though now I feel like I need to go listen to Eve...)


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