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Cardi B and Ellen sat down to talk about her pregnancy and twerking at Coachella.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper says that her finance, Offset of Migos, has already picked out a name, “I’m going to let him say the name since he named the baby.” said Cardi

Cardi also gave Ellen a first-hand look at how she got pregnant in the first place, showing a clip from her Coachella performance where Cardi is seen grinding and twerking on the stage. “That’s how it happened, right there,” teased Cardi.

Ellen tried to bribe the rapper with a $20,000 offer to name the baby after her but settled on gifting Cardi with a baby-sized version of Cardi’s outfit from her debut platinum album, Invasion of Privacy.

What do you think the name of Cardi and Offset’s baby will be?

Nate Bender is a producer for 105.1 The Bounce and posts cool things to websites.