This story makes zero sense unless you know the people were on METH when they came up with their plan.

A 52-year-old guy in Pensacola, Florida named Mark Kinney was convinced something was moving around inside his ear on Wednesday.  It’s not clear if it was a bug . . . or nothing.  Like I said, meth was involved.

But instead of going to the hospital like a normal person, he grabbed his GUN and drove to a place that teaches people how to use ultrasound machines.  Apparently his plan was to force his way in and make one of the teachers find the bug in his ear.

The name of the place is the Florida Institute of Ultrasound.  But luckily, he never got inside.  Someone who knew about the plan called the cops, and Mark was arrested outside the building when he showed up.

The dumbest part is he wasn’t the only person who thought this was a good idea.  A 41-year-old woman named Mary Kinney was with him.

It’s not clear if she’s his wife or a relative, but they’re both facing multiple firearms charges.  And the cops found meth on them, so they’re facing drug charges too.