As the Philadelphia 76ers are gearing up to clinch the playoffs against the Miami Heat, the team’s co-owner, Michael Rubin is getting ready to pick Meek Mill up from prison.

“Just left visiting Meek with (Kevin Hart) and I’m on the way back to pick him up as we speak.”

Rubin posted on Instagram. Rubin has been an advocate for Meek during his 5-month jail sentence and has rallied the support of Philadelphia’s sports community for Meek.

Rubin organized prison visits for Sixers’ players during Meek’s imprisonment and according to New York Times writer, Daniel Victor, If Rubin can Meek to the arena in time he will attend game 5 on Tuesday night and ring the ceremonial bell before the game starts.

Will you watch tonight’s Sixers vs Miami Game? What do you think the Meek’s first 24 hours will be like?