A fan experienced what happens when you rush Nicki Minaj’s greatness after Nicki posted a video of Gabrielle Wade-Union, a user came for Nicki by commenting on her post saying, “Girl stop posting s*** and release the video, WE NEED A TOP 5 and u posting gabby.”

Nicki wasn’t here for the user’s shenanigans, she replied with a long post which criticized fans for “not living in the moment” and enjoying the music. The Chun-Li rapper continued saying, “I don’t NEED anything. I’m full of unspeakable joy, doing what I love, having fun again, making memorable/historic moments in the studio every day, feeling blessed, grateful, & experiencing it all with the best fan base on the planet. Relax babe. Queens don’t panic.”

Minaj also had an answer for fans who are anxious about a video for her recent releases, “You’ll get the videos as soon as EYE get the videos,” Minaj commented, “You guys have done more than enough. Your support is unmatched.”

Do you think Nicki will bounce back as the queen of Hip-Hop?