We learned earlier that Mariah Carey’s ex-manager was planning to sue the singer for breaching the contract. The ex-manager, Stella Bulochnikov, is claiming Carey still owes her money.

For what? Well, after Stella left the Mariah camp, she was replaced by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation’s Mellissa Ruderman. But Stella says that Ruderman started making decisions for the team while Stella was still under contract.

According to the ex-manager, these decisions lead to her losing a bunch of money. Apparently once Roc Nation came into the picture, a lot of shows were canceled and then rebooked under the new management. So who should be getting paid for it is something a judge is going to have to decide.

So far, no comment from Roc Nation or new manager Melissa Ruderman.

Does someone owe you money? For what?