Have you ever wished you could sue somebody for playing music that you can’t stand? Well, a guy in Ireland is actually going through with it.

28-year-old Cormac Lannings is suing the music streaming service Spotify because it put not one, but two, Justin Bieber songs on his playlist and therefore caused him “audible harm” as well as “psychological and emotional damage”.

While being interviewed outside of the courthouse in Sweden, the country where Spotify was founded, Lannings explained,

“They’re going to pay for this. Not only was I subjected, against my will, to that sniveling s***, but I consider it defamation and slander. What if one of 17 followers on Spotify saw Bieber in my Discover Weekly? They’d think I was some sort of music illiterate idiot.”


Do you think he has a case or is he just wasting everybody’s time?