This guy looks so much like Santa, his neighbors even called him “Santa Claus.”  And it sounds like he really ran with the idea, but took it in a very PERVY direction . . .

59-year-old Isitro Sanches was living in a trailer park outside Panama City, Florida.  He’s chubby, with white hair and a big beard.

And he was arrested last year for repeatedly breaking into his female neighbor’s home and leaving her sexy UNDERWEAR.

He left them in her car and on her porch too.  And he did it several times a DAY for almost three months without being caught.

He also left notes that said he was WATCHING her.  So the whole “sees you when you’re sleeping” and “knows when you’re awake” thing seems even creepier now.

The woman’s boyfriend eventually caught him in their kitchen last April and called the cops.  Then they found three big bags in his trailer with a total of 90 POUNDS of women’s underwear in them.  It’s not clear if he stole any of those, or bought them all.

A jury just convicted him last Friday on three counts of burglary and one count of aggravated stalking.  He’ll be sentenced this week and faces up to 40 YEARS in prison.

(Northwest Florida Daily News)