A Guy Is Arrested For Hitting His Mom with One of His Light Sabers - The Gello Show

I hate to stereotype . . . HATE to . . . but believe it or not, there's a 42-year-old guy who lives at home with his mom who has a big collection of light sabers.


The police in Dubois, Pennsylvania got a call a few weeks ago from a 75-year-old woman named Joan Vargas.  And when they got there, they found she had cuts on her head and wrist.


She told them it was because her 42-year-old son Andrew had attacked her with one of his light sabers.


She told the cops she wasn't sure why he attacked her . . . but he denied it and said his mom had hit HERSELF with the light saber.


He was arrested for misdemeanor assault and harassment.

(The Smoking Gun)