Start those rumors about Steve Wonder being able to see again.

Donald Glover told a Stevie story on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He said, “I used his songs in Atlanta and you have to ask special permission. I called him, I got his number. So we’re texting, [which is] already crazy. I’m like, ‘Hey Stevie I want to use your song.'”

Glover continues, “He’s then like, ‘Well send it over, let me read it. It gets turned into Braille, gets sent to him, he reads it and then we don’t hear anything.”

Glover got the rough cut of the episode and wanted to see how the music worked. He got back in touch and Stevie said he wanted to see the show. Glover said, “He just texts back like, ‘Man, I love it,’ All the time I’m like, ‘How’d he do that?’ Like, touching the TV screen like, ‘This is funny?'”

Do you think Stevie is truly punking us or are his senses just amazingly heightened?