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I’m pretty sure the universe did NOT want this guy to triumph over adversity.

There’s a 53-year-old guy named Robert L. Williams Jr. in Sharpsburg, North Carolina, and on Tuesday, he was elected MAYOR by just seven votes.  And that was a hell of a win for him, because he’d run for mayor two times before . . . and lost both times.

And then, just a few hours after he was declared the winner . . . Robert was pulled over for drunk driving.

Apparently he got drunk while celebrating his win . . . and the cops arrested him after he was swerving all over the road.

He’s facing several charges, including driving while impaired, carrying a concealed weapon, and more.

And the police chief says Robert WILL still face all of those charges even though he’s the mayor . . . quote, “Nobody is above the law.”

(NBC 5 – Raleigh / Rocky Mount Telegram

(Here’s his mugshot.)