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An Angel or a Moth? You Decide - The Gello Show

A Michigan pastor believes he received a visit from an angel.

A motion sensor activated home camera, operated by Jordan Rivers Church in Michigan captured an image that one could interpret as an angelic figure hovering above a pickup truck.

Check out the image for yourself. what is it? Share it with your audience on your facebook and station websites. Maybe a poll?

Glen Thorman told WPBN “I said ‘That’s an angel!’ And I was just blown away." WPBN ran the photos by a photography studio. That studio said it could just be an insect that set off the camera.

Jordan Rivers

Last night at the Thorman's house, the security camera recorded this snapshot. Glen Thorman is the fire chief for East Jordan ...( they attend Jordan Rivers) Yep folks... It's an angel. I guess...

Do you believe in angels visiting the living? Have you ever had an experience that made you question whether these visits are possible?