Migos may be the hottest act in Hip-Hop but do they have what it takes to find new rappers?

A Chinese version of The X-Factorsays yes, The “Walk It Like I Talk It” rappers have signed up to be judges for season two of China’s The Rap of China.

The relatives will be introduced as “star producers” that will head up teams of contestants that they will guide and coach throughout the competition.

The first season of The Rap of China caused quite a bit of controversy as the Chinese government placed a ban on showing Hip-Hop or anyone connected with the culture on T.V., including those with tattoos.

The ban outraged fans and industry insiders alike and season 2 was approved by oniQiyi.com against the government’s warnings. The Rap of China will air this Summer with contestants from five Chinese cities, Australia, Malaysia, and North America.

Do you think there will be consequences from the airing of The Rap of China by the Chinese government?