D Bag Of The Day: A Couple Steal a Motorized Shopping Cart From Walmart and Drive It to a Bar

This seems like just about the SLOWEST and DUMBEST way to get a ride.  Haven't these people heard of Uber?  Or . . . walking?

A 50-year-old guy named Jeffrey Sabiel and a 32-year-old woman named Santa Marie Walters went to a Walmart in Largo, Florida last week . . . and they stole one of the motorized shopping carts.

And . . . they rode it to a bar.

We plugged the Walmart and the bar into Google Maps and found they were a whopping 0.7 miles away from each other.  So basically they stole the motorized shopping cart to avoid a 12-minute walk.

They cops found them . . . and the cart . . . at the bar.  And they were arrested for theft.

(NBC 8 - Tampa