D Bag of the Day: Thieves Rob a Guitar Center...Flee in Separate Cars...and Crash Into Each Other

Just because you're a criminal, it doesn't mean you can pull off crimes like you're in a "Fast and Furious"movie.

Two men and a woman went into a Guitar Center in Seattle on Wednesday afternoon and stole a $1,600 guitar.  Then they ran outside and hopped into two separate cars, with the guys driving.

But for some reason, they decided to start RACING each other . . . even though there was really no reason to do that AND it was rush hour so there wasn't a ton of room to maneuver.

So they only made it three blocks before they CRASHED into each other.

And apparently that made them really mad at each other, because one guy pulled a machete on the other one . . . and he responded by pulling a gun.

The cops got there before things could escalate more, and arrested all three of them.