Trey Songz is being sued by the police.

According to TMZ, 33-year-old r&b artist is being sued for punching a police officer during a concert at Joe Louis Arena back in 2016.

Allegedly, Songz was upset because he got cut off due to the event running late, and he ended up throwing a bunch of equipment off the stage and hitting a photographer with a microphone stand.

After Songz’s outburst, Sgt Robert Avery attempted to arrest Songz but the musician resisted and ended up punching the police officer in the face while yelling, “f**k you cracker. White mother****r. F**k all you honkeys and f**k the police.”

After Avery was punched by Songz, Avery claims that he fell and hit his head on the ground causing swelling, bruising and an injured hip.

Songz was charged with assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, obstruction of justice and aggravated assault.

According to Complex, the singer pleaded guilty to two counts of disturbing the peace and to make things worse, Songz gave his middle finger to the camera when he was having his mugshot taken.


Written by Christopher Schweitzer
Beasley Media Group Inc.