D Bag of the Day: A Man Squirts Ketchup to Save His Wife During a Stabbing

When you're in a life-or-death situation, I guess you never know what you'll grab to desperately defend yourself.  Which is kind of the entire underlying premise of "MacGyver", if you think about it.

A woman named Shalonda Shepard from Murfreesboro, Tennessee started banging on her neighbors' door in the middle of the night last week.  It's not clear why, but she was ANGRY at them.

And when the husband and wife answered, Shalonda pulled out a steak knife and started STABBING the woman.

The husband ran inside to grab something to stop her.  And the best weapon he could find was . . . a bottle of ketchup.  So he ran up and SQUIRTED the ketchup all over Shalonda.

And . . . that was good enough to get her to stop.

His wife went to the hospital for treatment for some small cuts.  And Shalonda was arrested for aggravated assault.

(Murfreesboro Daily News Journal