If you can’t trust a waitress who was hired mainly for her JIGGLING abilities, who can you trust?



If you’re not familiar with Twin Peaks restaurants, it’s a smaller chain that’s in the same space as Hooters:  Suggestive name, so-so food, servers in revealing outfits.  I know, I know.  I also wish it was a theme restaurant based on the “Twin Peaks” TV series.



A 34-year-old woman named Rachael Tyler was recently hired by a Twin Peaks in Oklahoma City, and her first shift was Thursday.  (She had actually worked there before, but this was her first shift after being re-hired.)



And just a few hours after she started, her manager caught her using a skimmer to steal customers’ credit card information.



Rachael was arrested on one felony count of unlawful use of a computer.  And it’s safe to say her very brief career at Twin Peaks is now over.



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