Something tells me this guy is NOT a criminal mastermind.

A guy named David Menser from Columbus, Ohio robbed four banks over the past month.  But he was caught thanks to an incredibly DUMB thing he did during the third robbery.

That was on June 4th, and he went into a Huntington Bank branch and told the teller he had a gun and he wanted money.  The teller gave him some cash, but David demanded more.

So the teller told him that they needed a driver’s license to get the machine to give more cash.  And David believed that . . . and handed over his license.

The teller passed along the info from the ID to the cops, and they caught David about two weeks later.

It’s not clear what took them so long . . . especially since he robbed one more bank in between . . . but hey, at least they got him eventually.

(NBC 4 – Columbus