It’s one of the top sketches on NBC’s Saturday Night Live and the show is hopeful that Barack Obama will be a part of it next season.

The cast and writers for the show are hopeful that the former occupant of The White House will take part in “Black Jeopardy” next season.

Kenan Thompson said:

“I think Obama would be a lot of fun on Black Jeopardy. I feel like he could do it. If we reached out and had a good enough idea for him, he’ll come do it.”

“Black Jeopardy” began on SNL in 2015 and despite only being used 5 times since then, it is one of the show most popular sketches.

Would Obama take part in the sketch? Do you think Barack Obama is getting ready to come out of his self-imposed post-presidency exile? He’s rarely been seen or heard since President Trump took office.