D Bag of the Day: Woman Forces Ex Boyfriend to Have Sex While Holding a Machete To His Throat

A 19-year-old Montana woman was arrested Friday after lying in wait for her ex-boyfriend with a machete and forcing him to have sex.

The victim, who had reportedly been in a relationship with Samantha Ray Mears for seven years before they broke up, told police he came home Friday night and Mears was behind his bedroom door holding a machete, which she then placed to his neck as she ordered him to take off his clothes.

She forced him to have intercourse with her, continuing to hold on to the machete the whole time. The victim was able to call 911 and pretend to be talking to a friend so Mears wouldn't know.

He escaped just as police got there.

Mears, who was also charged with felony strangulation against the same man in April, now faces six new charges, including assault and burglary.