D Bag of the Day: Warren Mayor Doesn't Want To Be Disturbed While Jogging

Mayor Jim Fouts gets high marks for his healthy jogging routine, but he may still need to work on his diplomacy skills.

The 70-something mayor of Warren, Michigan, felt so strongly about his twice-a-day 45-minute exercise regimen that he recently posted a note on Facebook that he’s “available 24/7 but NOT when I’m jogging.”

He added that: “Apparently some seem to think I'm obligated to stop and talk and that is not the case.”

The mayor of Michigan’s third-largest city points out that he’s exercising for the cardio benefits, and if he stops and talks to people, he has to “start all over again.”

In addition, according to Fouts, the Facebook post was prompted by an angry constituent who wanted to discuss a federal issue outside of his jurisdiction.

Fouts has been mayor of Warren since 2008.