Chance The Rapper recently got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Kirsten Corley and it should’ve been a joyous time but a hater on Twitter decided to come for him and express his feelings on how Chance should’ve proposed to his girlfriend.

Twitter user, @Its_RianM publicly called Chance’s proposal “extra hot smelly trash,” and said that after 5 years and a child, Chance should’ve given more effort to his proposal. The user even said Chance’s proposal was ‘F___boyish”.

Keeping it classy, Chance DM’d the user, called him a hater and told the user to “Get off my d____.” The user publicly tweeted Chance again calling his response “wack” and telling Chance not to DM him. Chance fired back @Its_RianM again telling him that he knew nothing about his relationship with his fiancee and that he had a right to tell him how he felt just as the user did.

Do you think Chance should’ve responded? What are the rules to responding to hate on social media? How do you handle trolls?