There’s a guy from Chicago who’s going to get home from his vacation soon . . . tell his friends he got STABBED . . . and yet that’s not even close to the most interesting part of what happened.

A 22-year-old guy named Cesar Coronado from Chicago was on vacation in Miami Beach this week.  And on Tuesday night, he had a confrontation with a 46-year-old homeless street artist named Jonathan Crenshaw.

Jonathan says that Cesar sucker punched him . . . Cesar says he just asked Jonathan for directions . . . but either way, Jonathan grabbed some scissors, and then he STABBED Cesar two times in the left arm.

But here’s the TWIST . . . Jonathan doesn’t have ANY ARMS.  He paints with his feet . . . and apparently he stabs with his feet too.  Because he grabbed the scissors with his toes, stabbed Cesar twice, then used his feet to put the scissors in his waistband.

Cesar was taken to the hospital, and Jonathan was arrested.

(Miami Herald