Just when you thought Drake was only in it for the money.

With the recent release of his ninth album, Scorpion, Drake shattered multiple streaming records as predicted, but two weeks later, he released the physical CD copy of the album.

Why so late though?

According to Complex, if Drake would have released the physical copy of the CD right when the digital copy released, he would have sold around 300,000 copies in a week, but by waiting two weeks he limited himself and is now predicted to sell around 50,000 to 80,000 copies.

That is like choosing $100K over $500K. ($2.00 per CD royalty)

Anyone know this ting?

1.1m Likes, 52 Comments - @champagnepapi on Instagram: "Anyone know this ting?"

Now there may be a strategy to this, maybe Drake didn’t want to give anyone another way to obtain the album other than streaming services so that he could rack up those numbers before he released physical copies. That would somewhat ensure the most possible streams in the first two weeks, essentially.

New era. New platinum. Thank you a billion times over (a billion plus). ????

1.3m Likes, 120 Comments - @champagnepapi on Instagram: "New era. New platinum. Thank you a billion times over (a billion plus). ????"

Maybe this is just the next step in the CD becoming completely obsolete, but who knows.

All I know is that Scorpion has been on repeat since it dropped and I don’t see an end to that anywhere close.


Written by Christopher Schweitzer
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