This MIGHT just be the dumbest identity theft case we’ve heard.

There’s a 51-year-old guy named Kevin Cayton from Arlington Heights, Illinois.  And last December, he was taking a trip to Lake Delton, Wisconsin.

Well . . . Kevin is a big fan of the University of Arizona Wildcats basketball team.  And he wanted to make sure he could watch one of their games while he was on his trip.

So he researched a restaurant called Buffalo Phil’s in Lake Delton . . . figured out Charter Spectrum was their cable company . . . and called Charter 11 times, pretending to be an employee, to upgrade their cable package to add the PAC-12 Network.

But he never bothered to call Charter back to cancel the PAC-12 Network . . . so in February, the owner of Buffalo Phil’s noticed the cable bill was really high and started looking into it.

The cops got involved, and after an investigation they figured out what happened.  And they just arrested Kevin last month for felony identity theft.  He’s looking at up to 12 YEARS in prison.  Over one college basketball game.

(Based on the dates, it appears the game he watched was Arizona versus Arizona State on December 30th.  Bright side:  Arizona won, 84-78.)