37-year-old Natalie Rawnsley was enjoying her family vacation and a large buffet a the hotel where she was staying at when Rawnsley selected a piece of chicken from the buffet and began to eat it. She took a bite and blood started oozing from the meat.

Her husband, Stewart commented that the chicken looked too bloody so Natalie got another piece of chicken from the buffet and ate it, she had already had a few bites from her previous piece.

That evening she got sick and was vomiting and called the doctor the next day, where she was diagnosed with gastroenteritis. Natalie continued to vomit and sought a second opinion when she was moved to a hospital on the island.

Natalie’s condition got worse as she continued to vomit but also had pain in her legs and blotches all over her body, she was then diagnosed with Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation or DIC, which affects the body’s ability to clot blood and stop bleeding. Natalie died due to her having the ‘wrong genes’ as the condition is very patient-specific according to assistant coroner, Dr. Shirley Radcliffe.

Does this story make you scared to eat out? Do you think the hotel restaurant should be sued?