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Picture this: you’re a parent and decide to take one of your children out to eat. No big deal, right? Normally, we would agree with you — But when you’re Kim Kardashian, everything is seemingly a big deal.

Page Six is reporting that the reality star recently took North out to eat at a restaurant in Miami.

Sounds like she wanted to spend quality time with her daughter, which is a thumbs up in our book.

But, there’s just one problem.

North’s nanny accompanied the two to the restaurant, and interestingly enough, North and her nanny dined together at one table — While Kim ate alone at another table.

Okay, that’s pretty odd — Right?

Why take your daughter out to eat if you’re not going to spend time with her?

Naturally, there are two sides to every story.

Kim’s side is that there was a videographer taking footage of her and she didn’t want North to be videoed.

But wait, it’s not like Kim shields her kids from the spotlight. They’re in pictures and videos all the time.

We’ll probably never know the real reason Kim decided to dine alone that day, but it’s definitely a bit strange.

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