Lil Wayne hosted his annual Lilweezyana Fest in New Orleans over the weekend, many of Wayne’s favorite New Orleans artists and his YMCMB artists performed including Nicki Minaj.

Crowd Wasn't Cheering For Nicki Minaj At All Lilweezyana Fest 2018

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Nicki set started off a little shaky as it took her a few minutes to take the stage after Wayne introduced her as the ‘Queen’ was still getting her eyelashes done. But when she did take the stage, the crowd seemed to fall silent.

While performing songs from her new album ‘Queen’, Nicki took to the stage rocking fluorescent green hair. The audience was less than impressed with Minaj and gave her minimal energy. It’s unclear if they were too hot, didn’t know her album or if they were just blinded by her bright green wig.

Have you seen an artist give a bad performance? Who was it and what happened?