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Don’t worry, it’s not lip fillers, boobs or butts. 

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to body modification, so it’s no surprise she joined Simon Huck’s new art experiment “A. Human” which focuses on body modification.

The showcase itself boasts considering to implant heels on your body, among other modifications, in a new exhibit

Huck told Vogue about the art pieces, “We didn’t want to root any of our modifications on the idea of existing insecurities or discomforts… A. Human is about the freedom to explore this world and live in this world in any way you choose.”

Kim’s contribution is sending out this Tweet of her “wearing” one of the modifications, a necklace that glows to her heartbeat.


According to Billboard, the necklace is installed under the skin, which we are sure is temporary, but it’s still freaky to think about how they installed that under her neck! Either way, the gallery will be holding an exhibition in Manhattan for 5 weeks, so we’re sure we will see more images from Kim, as well as other celebs testing or visiting.