Living That BOUNCE Life

A high school football varsity team in California has canceled its season after losing the first two games.

Better luck next season is a term often used when a team can’t seem to turn their luck around, but in this case, they’ve simply given up playing this year.

According to CBS, the Healdsburg Greyhounds won’t play out the remainder of the season.

Apparently, the team faced major losses in their first two games with scores of 41-0 and 61-0.

After the embarrassing losses, several players quit the team.

Coaches huddled the remaining team members together, and took a vote.

More players wanted to end the season than those who wanted to continue playing, therefore, the team canceled the rest of the season.

While the varsity season has been canceled, the junior varsity team will play out the season — At least as of now.

Do you think the varsity team should have finished out the season regardless of the first two losses?

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