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A California woman who said she’d been kidnapped, robbed, tied up, and sexually assaulted made it all up because she didn’t want to pay her workers.

Maria Gonzalez, 32, claimed two black men with a gun abducted her Saturday when she stopped her car for two dogs crossing the road.

VIDEO: Woman lied about being kidnapped by masked men to avoid $9,000 debt | The Fresno Bee

A terrifying story a woman told police about being tied up and kidnapped was a hoax, created by her to avoid paying $9,000 to subcontractors she had owed money to, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said Monday.

Gonzalez, who runs her father’s trucking company, claimed the men stole $9,000 she had on her to pay subcontractors.

Police discovered her story was fake only after an investigation and more than two hours of interrogation. She made it up because she didn’t have the $9,000 to pay the workers, and will be charged with filing a false police report.

The Fresno police chief says:

“Not only did this create an enormous amount of work and pulled our detectives off other cases … it created a lot of fear in our community,”