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A South Carolina nail salon refused to do a woman’s nails because she was too fat.

Amanda Wolfenbarger visited Conway’s Nail Spa on August 31st for a pedicure, but was told it’s against policy to offer the service to anyone more than 250 pounds.

She was already seated in a pedicure chair, soaking her feet, when an employee asked her how much she weighed. Wolfenbarger refused to answer, saying the information was “none of your business” — but the worker told her she was “too big” and would “break a chair.”

The employee then showed an embarrassed Wolfenbarger a sign reading, “We are not accepting any person over 250 lb for pedicure service, sorry!”

She detailed the “degrading” incident on Facebook in a now-viral post, but it wasn’t enough to convince the salon to change the policy.

Amanda Oxford Wolfenbarger

So i go for a pedicure because i want to sit in the chair and massage my back..ultra they tell me where to sit. Start the water and put my feet in...THEN......a worker man tells me and...