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Attention nail biters! Biting your nails can lead to serious health complications.

While it may seem like a harmless bad habit, biting your nails can have very real consequences on your health.

Just ask Courtney Whithorn, 20.

According to The Sun, Whithorn, a habitual nail biter, continued to bite one of her fingernails — So much so the nail eventually fell off. Then, the area where her fingernail used to be turned black.

The fingernail never grew back, and she was eventually diagnosed with acral lentiginous subungual melanoma.

While this particular type of cancer is very rare, her doctor directly attributed the disease to nail biting.

Surgery proved unsuccessful, and doctors were forced to amputate her thumb.

The woman is now waiting on test results that will hopefully reveal she is cancer free.

Undoubtedly, most people who bite their nails do not end up with a cancer diagnosis, and while her case is rare, it’s definitely something to be mindful of the next time you think about biting your nails.

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