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Having a fetish is one thing.  Going THIS far to fulfill that fetish is PSYCHOTIC.

There’s a 30-year-old guy named Paul Menchaca from Gilbert, Arizona.  And apparently his fetish is to have women treat him like a baby . . . like bathing him, giving him timeouts, and even changing his diapers and wiping him.

So how can a 30-year-old man make that happen?  By doing something THIS depraved.

Paul pretended he had DOWN SYNDROME, and he’d hire nurses to come over and take care of him.  When the nurses would call to work out the details, he’d pretend to be a woman named Amy, and he’d say he was Paul’s mother.

The nurses never lasted long at the job, and he finally got busted when the third nurse he hired thought it was suspicious, and she tracked down his REAL parents.  They confirmed their son was not mentally handicapped and didn’t need diapers.

So Paul was arrested on Tuesday on four felony counts of sex abuse and fraud.

(The Smoking Gun)