Out of a list of 13 entries, only two or three of these toys will be enshrined forever in a Hall of Fame. Which do you think should make the cut?

The nominees are: American Girl Doll, Chalk, Chutes and Ladders, Fisher Price Corn Popper, Magic 8 Ball, He Man, Pin Ball, Sled, Tic Tac Toe, Tickle Me Elmo, Tudor Electric Football, Uno

Now, for our (unscientific yet totally correct) rankings on this years list:

12. Tudor Electric Football

Easy, last place, give me real football. It’s probably a controversial opinion since plenty of people have nostalgic memories of this, but it’s the bottom of the barrels for video games. That’s like choosing Pong as your favorite; nobody believes that, and if it’s true, you haven’t played with toys in the past twenty years.

11. Fischer Price Corn Popper

Wow. Feeling a little sketched at ranking this as low as it is, but it’s just the way the dice rolls. Do you know what a corn popper is? No? Most people don’t either, until they see this picture:

Understandable, but those toys are more annoying than they are truly fun. Not a competitor here.


Also, these are only fun for the kids playing with them, not for the parents who are buying them.

10. Magic 8 Ball

Now we are starting to get to the point of debate. However, after five times of experiencing the “magic” of this toy, you realize you’re just talking to a plastic ball full of blue water and that’s about it. Points for the creativity though.


9. Chalk

When was the last time you just went outside and colored in on the driveway with chalk? Probably not since you were still taking naps and having your lunch packed for you. Chalk can be used in a ton of different ways, but it’s still fairly lackluster.

Also, you live in an apartment? Have fun never using chalk. Unless it’s on a board, and that’s never a fun time as a kid. Never.

8. Tic Tac Toe

Classic. It’s hard to beat a game/toy that is literally just a pencil and paper. Problem is, once you know how to win the game, you pretty much go undefeated for the rest of forever.

Do you usually start as X’s or O’s?

Thomas Bauer

TIC TAC TOE - Best Warmup Ever Played by young Goalkeepers of Istres Provence Handball Club. Idea by Patrekur Johannesson, Coach of the Austrian Men's Handball National Team.


7. Sled

6. American Girl Doll

5. He-Man

4. Chutes & Ladders

Bottom line is Chutes and Ladders just isn’t an all time game. If we’re talking Board Games, its not in the Pantheon of all time stuff; easily beat out by games like Clue, Risk, Life, Scrabble, and even Monopoly.


And if we are being honest, Candy Land is the number one kids games . Its not Monopoly, its not Clue, not Risk, not Stratego, not Scrabble. Its not even Life. And if we are talking about easier Children’s board games, Candy Land is superior.

3. Pinball

2. Tickle Me Elmo


Indisputable. The ultimate game on this list. If this is left out, we take to the streets and riot.