Shay Shay Coaches Her 74 Year Old Mom Through Her 13.1 Mile Half Marathon

Many  people have a hard time running a mile, but this weekend, Shay Shay's mom ran the Brooksie Way Half Marathon! 

At 74 years old, Mama "Princess" Lewis completed a 13.1 half mile marathon!

Shay Shay cheered and coached her mom on from start to finish, even joking with her to pick up the pace and to "start passing people ma!" towards the end.

Check out her sweet victory dance and "Usain Bolt" pose at the end of the video:

Shay Lewis

Just another day in the life of a 74 yr old...Moms is my hero!!! Brooksie Way Half Marathon for her today...13.1 miles completed in 3 hrs and still enough energy to do her "Usain Bolt" pose at the...