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I guess older Americans DO care about new music.  A little too much in this case . . .

Last Friday, a 71-year-old guy in Greenwood, Indiana named Roger Washburn was hanging out with a friend he’s known for over 50 years.  So they go way back.

And they started arguing over whether a song they were listening to was by Bruno Mars or not.  Roger said it wasn’t, and his friend said it was.

So his friend looked it up to PROVE it was Bruno Mars, and it turned out it was.  Which got Roger even MORE heated for some reason, and he pulled out a GUN.

His friend told him he was too chicken to use it.  So Roger PISTOL-WHIPPED him, which caused the gun to go off.  Then his friend took a swing at him and missed, and the gun went off again.  But luckily no one was shot.

Police showed up at Roger’s door a few hours later after the friend reported it.  He’s facing charges for battery and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.