Living That BOUNCE Life

We have good news for all you Nutella lovers out there.

If you are a big fan of M&M’s and Nutella you’re in luck because Nutella M&M’s are about to be a thing!

Well technically the new M&M’s are called Hazelnut Spread M&M’s, but same difference, right?

According to People Magazine, the new flavor won’t be available in stores until April 2019.

We already know what you’re saying, “Wow, that’s a while from now.”

We hear you.

But, there’s still more good news.

While you anxiously await the arrival of Hazelnut Spread M&M’s, another new candy will be hitting store shelves.

M&M’s chocolate bars will be released in December and will have five flavors to choose from, including peanut, crispy, crispy mint, almond, and milk chocolate.

Who else is craving M&M’s right about now?

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