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A glass of wine per day may not be good for you after all.

For years, study after study has often suggested that drinking wine was good for you, but new research contradicts those findings.

A recent study by the Washington University’s School of Medicine suggests drinking a glass of wine a day might do more harm than good.

To come to this conclusion, the study analyzed over 400,000 people who are light drinkers.

What researchers found was quite shocking. Rather than improving health, their study showed that light drinkers who consumed one or two drinks four or more times each week, were 20 percent more likely to die prematurely.

Other studies had previously indicated that drinking wine promoted heart health, however, daily drinking is associated with an increase risk of several types of cancers.

An Assistant Professor with the university advised people to talk to their physician regarding potential health concerns associated with daily drinking.

Dr. Sarah M. Hartz added that consuming alcohol, especially daily, should not be considered healthy.

To see the detailed study, please visit the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research by clicking here.

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